Feeling super!

We don't want to look anything like all the other companies selling educational material for children with learning disabilities. We want to be colorful, fun and appealing to kids. With a name like Only For Heroes one must be bold". 
Getting a brief like that who won't get crazy excited?!
With the letters O, F and H I created a little super hero. A playful buddy that's always there for the young ones, sitting on the shoulder giving advise and support through thick and thin. The little guy was then accompanied by a playful (but not too playful) word mark. 
To flirt with super hero esthetics Only For Heroes got  a strong vibrant palette. But as a contrast and to clarify the company's expertise I created a pattern inspired by note pads.
The project was a collaboration with CG Neuman of Confusion, who was responsible for development of the online store. 

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