The generosity of Småland

Frödinge is a classic cheesecake brand that also makes frozen desserts for the Swedish and foreign markets. Everything is made with care, according to tradition, in the small Frödinge dairy in Småland in southern Sweden. We created a brand identity that takes traditions and the genuine craftsmanship behind Frödinge’s products into the modern age. The logo, imagery and design unite all the categories of the brand and convey a pure delight in patisserie at DVH.
This is a project done at the brand agency Silver. The project included product planning, brand positioning, copy strategy and an overall remake of the graphic identity both regarding packaging and corporate identity. My role as a senior designer was to visualize the brand position and set the foundation (including new logotype, imagery, packaging, design elements, color palette etc) and then lead the implementation.​​​​​​​
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