Into the wild
Who doesn't want to stumble around in the woods in Gothenburg at night in the freezing cold of February? We sure thought it was a most appealing idea anyway. How fun we all had in our ski suits running around with smoke bombs under the moon light. We surely all enjoyed it, except for Darin who turned blueish as he was constantly changing into summer clothes outdoors. Poor guy. 
Anyhow, it was a great honour to once again work with this excellent singer and together make abstract "fairy tale meets pop"-thoughts come into being. With the team consisting of the fantastic photographer Daniel Grizelj, stylist Jennifer Hedlund and hair/makeup-artist Rebecka Priscilla Ray, we were set for success.
With the title being "Fjärilar i magen" (translates: Butterflies in the stomach. I guess Darin was a bit nervous starting his own record company and making his first album in swedish) I made a graphic pattern inspired by butterflies.The pattern then inspired the logotype and also the custom typeface, Lagom Geometrisk, that I felt the urge to design for the identity.
The branding was then implemented on singles, album, the official homepage and mechandise.
This was an identity I did at the brand agency Silver.
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